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Sign up for FREE Diplomat software now!

Hello Diplomat Navigator user.

As you are aware the core product of Diplomat Navigator (Server, Client, First Driver app, Web interface) is totally Free to use.

There are no recurring charges and it is "Free to Use"

There are however many peripheral programs, bolt-ons and upgrades that you can subscribe to.

Also you may wish to solicit our help to set up a feature on may wish to access knowledge base articles on this forum so that you can self manage your system.

When we charge for any additional services this will be automated through our direct debit portal.

Therefore the first step you should take is to register:

Plese click the link and sign up and we will assist you with your installation.

Or copy paste the link below into your browser.


NavLite installation exe's for Agents onto Clients vServers:

NavLite Link for UK clients.

NavLite Link for ZA clients.