Starting Navigator

The Diplomat Navigator Server & Workstations

There may be several workstations (PCs) in your office and one of these will be
called Station 1. There may be other PCs networked to Station 1 that the
operators use to take bookings and despatch jobs.

Station 1 is where the main Navigator database is kept and is the most important
computer. Station 1 must be turned on and a special program called Navigator
Server must be running before anyone else can use the system on the other

Start Up & Shutdown

Automatic Start Up

Your system will probably be configured to start-up automatically in the event of a
power cut or other system failure. The automatic start-up routine will start all the
computers and automatically log them into Windows. It will also automatically run
Navigator Server on Station 1 and log Station 1 into Navigator. This is essential if
your company is using Navigator to automatically despatch jobs to drivers.

Starting Navigator Server
Even though your system is probably configured to start-up automatically in the
event of a system failure, it’s important that you know how to start-up the system

Before you can run Navigator on your own workstation, the Navigator Server must
be running on Station 1. Follow these simple instructions to run the server…

  1. Switch on Station 1 by pressing the power button – this is usually
    found on the front of the main computer box
  2. On the Desktop of Station 1 you will find an icon called Navigator
    Server or it may be called NavSvr.exe
  3. Locate the icon and double click on it. If you can’t find the icon on
    the Desktop, click on the Start button and you should find it there
  4. The Navigator Server icon will now appear in the bottom right-hand
    corner of the screen in the System Tray

TIP! System Tray

What happens if I try to run Navigator on my workstation without starting Navigator Server?

If you try to run the Navigator application without having started Navigator Server,
you will receive the following error…

Click OK on the error window, start Navigator Server on Station 1 (as described
above) and try again.

Shutdown the Navigator Server

It’s good practice to shutdown the Navigator Server program from time to time.


  1.  Right-mouse click on the Navigator Server icon in the System Tray of  Station 1. 
  2. Choose Shut Down Navigator Server from the shortcut menu and answer Yes on the message box to confirm that you do want to shut the server down

Starting Diplomat Navigator on your workstation and logging in

  1. On the Desktop of you workstation you will find an icon called Navigator Client
  2. Double click on the icon
  3. Wait for the application to load and then a Log In box will appear
  4. As you start to type your name into the Username box, a drop-down list will appear, choose your name from the list by either clicking withyour mouse or high-lighting your name using the up/down arrows and
    then pressing Enter
  5. Next enter your password and click OK or press Enter on your keyboard


Changing your Navigator password

For security reasons, everyone should change the password on a regular basis. This may be something that only your manager can do. If in doubt ask your manager.

  1. When in Navigator, click on the Configuration menu and choose Password Maintenance
  2. Select the user you wish to change and then type their new password in the Password box, confirm the new password by typing it again in the Confirm Password box
  3. Click on the Close button.