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Support-How to raise a ticket

Welcome to SwaziSat and thank you for using our internet services.  To contact support please raise a ticket via any of the communication media listed below:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter ,
  • our website www.Swazisat.com,
  • Telephone: (+268) 24090909, (+268) 24090128, Cell:(+268) 78623762.

Below are guidelines on how to use social media to raise a ticket.


Login with you Facebook account, then search for SwaziSat.


Click on the name SwaziSat.


You will be taken to our Facebook page where you can send a message describing your pros and cons. An agent will be available to assist you and Replies will be seen under your messages.


Login with your twitter account.

Search for SwaziSat then click on it.

Tweet your pros and cons to SwaziSat and an agent will be available to assist you.


Thank you...