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Load Balancer Compulsury Settings
When setting up the load balance, consider the following compulsory settings for... more
How can I control how much data Netflix uses?
**Watching TV shows or movies on Netflix uses about 1 GB of data per hour for ea... more
How to contact Swazisat
Contact Us Welcome to Swazisat internet Service Provider. Do you have a... more
Create network access schedules and enable Safe Search on Synology Router
Create network access schedules and enable Safe Search The parental control fea... more
Support-How to raise a ticket
Welcome to SwaziSat and thank you for using our internet services. To contact su... more
Cambium Info - Realnet
Cambium Info IP[ UN:admin PW:$20Access17v$ more
Value Chain
**Value Chain** Equipment Vendors Equipment vendors are generally distinguis... more
VSAT Network
**VSAT Network** Network Equipment A network typically consists of a larger ... more
Frequency Bands
**Frequency Bands** There are four radio frequency bands that communication an... more
How Satellite Works
**How Satellite Works** A communications satellite is a satellite located in s... more
Benefits of Swazisat internet
**Benefits of Swazisat VSAT Internet** Global Coverage Today, satellite comm... more