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System Set Up & Configuration Requirements

System Set Up & Configuration Requirements
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Installation and Set Up

Plesae download Navlie from either http://www.diplomat.co.uk OR http://www.navlite.co.uk

Zones and Boundaries

You may wish to purchase some support time for us to assist setting up customised zones.  These may comprise of local areas, ranks such as at a station, or boroughs or districts.  You will need to include this information at your earliest opportunity once you have signed the order confirmation as this information takes time to set up.  Our preference is for a local street map of your area with your boundaries clearly highlighted and the zones named, you may do this on google maps.

Please note that the boundary outlines must not overlap and if you have a long road, say a high street where you wish for a particular zone to cover both sides of the road, please ensure that you clearly mark the boundary on the respective side of the road

We will generally add 4 additional zones that will be logical quadrants on the periphery of your nominated zones that will typically be named OOTN, OOTE, OOTS & OOTW; OOT being Out Of Town and the suffix representing North, East etc.

The standard installation will create Zones using the post codes that occur in your system working radius.

We will £12.50 for each additional zone.

Pricing Rates

You will need to provide rates that you currently use for each type of vehicle as well as any fixed prices and whether VAT is to be applied to prices, or not.  This is generally quite straightforward although our pricing module offers a very high degree of flexibility that can make it appear quite complex.
Vehicle Types - Examples 

  • Car  4 passenger seats 
  • Estate  4 passenger seats 
  • MPV  5 passenger seats 
  • MPV  6 passenger seats 
  • Minibus  9 passenger seats 
  • Motorcycle  Single pillion

Invoice Header Details 

  • Trading name 
  • Address 
  • Telephone number 
  • Fax number (if applicable) 
  • Email address 
  • Website URL 
  • VAT registration number

In addition to the above information you should also attend to following: - 

  • Driver details  licensing and contact information 
  • Additional pricing including account specific customer prices 
  • Customer/Account details

Unless you have a telephone support contracts. (IRO £400.00 / PC annually in advance) you will need to raise a support ticket on our website and the matter will initially be dealt with by our support team and if a resolution is proving difficult, the matter will be escalated.
Please note, for the avoidance of any doubt, your payments will normally be drawn from your bank account via Direct Debit and one off amounts such as for additional services etc. may either be drawn from your nominated credit card or a bank transfer initiated by you.
In a situation where a scheduled payment is not made, you will generally have 14 days in which to address the matter and make the necessary payment.  If a resolution is not forthcoming within 14 days from the original payment due date, our licensing server will automatically disconnect your system and render it inoperable.  There will be a consequent reconnection charge that will vary depending upon what services were disconnected and for how long they remain disconnected.