Telephonic User Guide


Welcome to the Diplomat Navigator User Guide for Telephonists. In this part of
the User Guide you’ll find instructions on how to take bookings. If you work your
way through the whole of this guide you should be quite happy to take all types of

If you would like more training, we’ll be more than happy to help. We’re able to
offer online training using desktop streaming which means you can stay at your
desk whilst we teach you! Ask your manager for more information about further
help & assistance.


OK so you’ have logged on and now you want to take a booking, but before you do
let’s spend some time familiarising ourselves with the Booking Screen…

The Booking screen is the first screen displayed when Navigator starts but if you
need to switch to it from another screen either click on the Book button on the
toolbar, or press ALT+B…

The Booking Screen

The Booking Screen is where bookings are taken and has been designed to enable
users to enter and accept a booking with the minimum amount of key strokes.

What does the Booking Screen look like?

When the system starts the booking screen is the first screen to appear and looks
like this…
When the new booking opens the Booking Screen will look like this:


When the new booking opens the Booking Screen will look like this:

The cursor will always start in the “Home” field. The “home” field will be one of
the fields on the Booking Screen pre-selected by a member of your staff who’s in
charge of administering the system.

For more information about changing the Home field please refer to the
section called Home Key in the System Configuration Guide

Map view on Booking Screen

If you have the Map tab selected on the Booking Screen, you’ll be able to see a
street map. When you create a new booking and enter the pick-up and drop-off
places, the locations will show on the map…




Navigation on the map

To scroll North, South, East or West you can use either the scroll bars or click and
drag on the map itself with your mouse…