Pricing Jobs

Pricing Jobs
It is important to note that before any invoices can be produced, all account bookings must be “priced”.  “Pricing” jobs allows you to check and alter the job price before creating the invoice, for example, a driver may have had to wait for a pick-up so the waiting time must be added to the job before invoicing.  Please note, fixed price jobs are not priced.
Job pricing followed by invoicing for account work can be done at any time, but it’s recommended that you make this part of a daily or weekly routine.  Most private hire companies tend to do this weekly on a Monday morning.  First of all they will “price” all the account jobs for the previous week and then raise the invoices.

We have just learnt that before we can raise invoices for any account bookings, we must first “price” the jobs.  You can either view all outstanding account jobs, or just the jobs for a particular driver/s or just the jobs for a particular account/s.  If you click on the Pricing menu you’ll see the three different options, Price bookings, Price bookings by driver(s) and Price bookings by account(s).  

Each of the options will show slightly different results, and which option you choose will be determined by how you organise and run your company.  For example, you may find it easier to price all jobs at once, or price jobs by driver, or price jobs by account…
Priced bookings
Choosing Price bookings will show all un-priced jobs but not fixed price jobs.
Priced bookings by driver(s)
This is the most commonly used option and will show all bookings for the chosen driver/s including jobs already priced.  The jobs that have already been priced are marked with ticks so you can easily identify those that need to be priced.  The priced jobs will stay until archived – please refer to Archiving in the System Configuration guide for more information.
Navigator can be set-up to prompt the Despatcher for additional price details on completion of the job whilst the details are still fresh in the driver’s mind.  This is a very commonly used option but the job will still be passed to the Pricing screen for final pricing before it can be invoiced.  To view these options, click on the Configuration menu, choose System Preferences, click on the Despatch tab.

Priced bookings by account(s)
The Price booking by accounts(s) option will show all bookings for the chosen account/s including jobs already priced.  The jobs that have already been priced are marked with ticks so you can easily identify those that need to be priced.  The priced jobs will stay until archived – please refer to Archiving in the System Configuration guide for more information.
Pricing jobs for hidden accounts
If you want to price any outstanding bookings for hidden accounts, use the Price bookings by account(s) option.

The Pricing Screen
Before we look at pricing jobs, let’s take a quick look at the Pricing screen:

If the All accounts check box is selected, the Include Hidden check box will appear
If the Include Hidden check box is selected, outstanding jobs for hidden accounts will appear on the Pricing screen
Job details
Job Ticket for selected job These ticks indicate jobs that have already been priced but not invoiced
The first tick indicates that the account price has been done, whilst the second tick indicates that that the driver price has been done
Amounts charged to the account customer
Amounts paid to the driver
Rate applied to this job
Job Priced button used to price the job

Pricing Jobs
OK, let’s take a look at how we actually price jobs.  In this example let’s presume that we’re pricing the jobs by driver…
1. Click on the Pricing menu and choose Price by driver(s)
2. On the window that appears choose the driver or drivers that you wish to price jobs for by clicking on the driver name.  If you want to price jobs for all drivers, tick the box at the bottom of the window called All drivers select
3. Select the period increment for the drivers.  Each driver can have statements raised at different increments for example, for some drivers you may want to print statements weekly, others fortnightly and others monthly.  Choosing the period will narrow down the list of drivers, for example, if you choose “monthly” you’ll only see those drivers where “monthly” has been set in the Statement Period field in Driver set-up.   

4. Click OK and the Pricing Form will appear…
Select the driver/s you wish to price jobs for
If you wish to price jobs for all drivers, place a tick in the All drivers select check box
Choose the period

5. Select the job you wish to price by single clicking on the job in the jobs list
6. The lower part of the screen will now show the price details for the selected job.  You’ll notice that there are two sections, one called “Account” and the other called “Driver”.
The Account prices are the prices charged to the customer, whilst the Driver prices are the amounts paid to the driver.
7. Make any changes to the mileage or waiting figures in both the Account and Driver sections, for example, if the driver had to wait for 15 minutes, enter “15” in the Waiting Units field and press the TAB key on your keyboard – this will update the waiting amount.  Alternatively you can just enter the amount in the Price fields.
8. When finished click the Job Priced button

Job Price History
Changes to a job price are now shown in the job history.  So if a change is made to the booking that would affect the price, those changes can be seen when you edit the booking from either the Despatch or Allocated Screens.  The booking history now also shows the price entered with the pricing screen, so if the a job that has been priced is then found in Find a Booking and then edited, the history tab shows the job priced details.
1. To edit a booking, find the job on either the Despatch Screen or Allocated Screen, right-mouse click on the job and choose Edit booking from the shortcut menu
2. The booking will open on the Booking Screen, click on the History tab and notice any changes in the job price

Hide account price
There may be some users who are allowed to come into the Pricing screen but it may not be appropriate for them to see the Account Price.  This scenario is possible by changing their permissions in Password Maintenance.  Make sure that Price Booking is ticked but Show account price is un-ticked…

Hide Account Price on History tab (Booking Screen)
The History tab on the Booking Screen provides an audit trail of all changes made to a booking including the account price.  If this is not appropriate for a particular user, make sure the Show Account Price check box isn’t ticked in Password Maintenance.  The account price will then be covered by a row of stars on the History tab.

Hide Account Price on Regular Booking
The account price now doesn’t show on the Regular Booking template if Show Account Price is un-ticked in Password Maintenance.   
To check that it isn’t showing…
1. Click on the Configuration menu and choose Regular Bookings
2. Select a regular booking from the list and click on the Edit regular booking button.

3. Click on the Booking Details tab and you will notice that the account price is hidden

Fixed Prices
Fixed prices is such a complex topic that it deserves a document all of it’s own!  For detailed information and instructions please refer to the document called Fixed Prices