Telephone calls not resulting in bookings & phone call statistics
Why did an incoming call not result in a booking?  This is a question we know that many owner/managers ask.  Was it because we were fully booked and not able to fulfil the job, or was it a “where’s my taxi?” call or was it a personal call for a member of staff?   

The latest version of Navigator now prompts the operator to give a reason for why an incoming call didn’t result in a booking.  This simple addition to the software creates valuable statistical information that can be analysed and used to improve your business.  For example, if on a Friday night there are lots of incoming calls that don’t result in a booking because you are fully booked, you can increase the numbers of drivers accordingly.  Or if there are particular times when calls aren’t being answered, you’ll know that you need more operators to cover that shift.

This new feature produces some extremely useful data that can be used to improve the customer service you provide and the efficiency of your business.  The Navigator customers who are already using this feature say that it has helped them predict work levels and therefore either increase or decrease the resources accordingly, i.e. employ more or less drivers and office staff to suit the predicted work load.

Please note: The phone stats feature must be configured by Diplomat staff.
1. To look at the phone call statistics, click on the Reports menu and choose Phone Statistics

2. The colourful Phone Call Statistics window appears showing a pretty graph!

Show stats by date
The graph shows today’s stats, but if you want to look at statistics for a particular day, just use the in-built calendar to select a different date.

Filter graph on “call type”
It’s possible to filter the graph on “call type”, so if you only want to see the “Over capacity” calls, un-tick all the call type check boxes leaving Over Capacity ticked.  You can tick or un-tick as many check boxes as you like to control the filter…

Show graph in 2D and zoom in and out
You can opt to view a 2 dimensional map if you so prefer, these can sometimes be easier to interpret than the 3 dimensional graphs…

Side by side graph
You can view the blocks side by side just by un-ticking the Side by side graph check box.   

Ring and Hold times
How long does a phone ring before or gets answered, how long are people put on hold for and how long do calls last?  These are quite common questions owner/managers want to ask.  This graph shows these three figures throughout the day…

Show captions
The captions are the little flags above each column block.  You can turn these on or off by ticking or un-ticking the Show Captions check box…

Disallowing access to phone call stats
By default, only users with manager privileges will be allowed access to the phone call statistics, but you can allow or disallow access to any user in Password Maintenance…
1. Click on the Configuration menu and choose Password Maintenance
2. Select the user’s name and un-tick the Phone call stats check box