Automatic House- Keeping

Automatic House-keeping
We’ve just mentioned that there a few background processes that happen at 5am each night.  What are all these things and why are they done?
There’s a need to do a certain amount of rubbish clearing on regular basis to help keep the STR file (Navigator database) to a manageable size.  If the STR file is allowed to grow in size, the performance of the system will be affected and things will start getting slower.  Here’s a list of what’s done and where to go in System Preferences to either change their settings to turn them on or off.
Regular Bookings Update Time
Regular bookings are updated and put on to the Despatch Screen at a set time each day or night.  We have always recommended that you choose a time of day when the system is quiet because Navigator may pause for a few seconds whilst the update is being done.  This is just a note to advise that you don’t use 5am as an update time because there are now quite a few background tasks that are scheduled for 5am and we don’t want to overload the system with the regular booking update at the same time!  So please nip into System Preferences and just check the regular booking update time and if it is set to 5am change it to a different time!

Automatic Caller ID Cleanup
Old and unused Caller ID Templates are cleaned-up (deleted) automatically and you can also opt to automatically remove empty templates.  You can specify the time intervals between clean-ups:
Click on the Despatch Screen tab and check the regular bookings Update time

Manual clean up of Caller ID templates
You can manually run this facility as and when required from the Maintenance menu of the Server.  Please refer to Delete Caller ID in the Owner/Manager Guide for more information.
Phone Call History Truncation
Phone call history can be set to automatically delete on a regular basis.
The default setting is fortnightly but you can change the time interval if required:

Cash Bookings are now Auto-completed
Cash bookings are automatically “completed” after 2 days.  They are removed from the Allocated Screen and any associated voice recordings are also deleted.
This process is compulsory so there’s no option in System Preferences to turn it on or off.