Voice Recording

Voice Recording
Voice Recording is finally here!  Several of our customers have been very keen to get this implemented and it has already had a big impact on their businesses.  The primary use for voice recording is so that a controller can check whether a telephonist has understood the caller and put the correct places on the booking.   

There are many other benefits of voice recording, and noticeably the one thing that everyone has commented on has been the improvement in the level of customer service given to customers by the office staff.  The telephone operators now know that each and every telephone call is being recorded and are now so much more polite on the phone!  The other big bonus has been the ability to clearup misunderstandings with customers quickly and the number of abuse calls from customers has fallen because the customers also know they are being recorded!

On the Phone Call History window, you’ll notice two different lists; “sessions” and “conversations”.  A session starts when the phone starts ringing and ends when the call is finished, whilst a conversation is a continuous chat.  There may be many conversations to a session, for example each time the caller is put on hold the current conversation is ended, when the operator returns to the call or transfers the call to another person another conversation is started.  The voice recordings can be searched for and played back from the Despatch, Allocated and Booking screens.  The phone call history window provides a versatile filter for finding the stored voice recording files.

Playing back a conversation recording from the Despatch and Allocated Screens
You can play back a recording from both the Despatch and Allocated screens…

The mechanism for storing the voice recording files is still under review.  
Select the booking from either the Despatch or Allocated Screens
Use the playback controls to play the voice recording

Hiding the Voice Recording window
To save space on the Despatch and Allocated screens, you can hide the voice recording window and only turn it on when you want to playback a recording

Playing back a recording from the Booking Screen
Voice recordings can also be played back from the Booking Screen.  Locate the booking on the Despatch screen and double click on it to return it to the Booking screen…

Click on this to hide or unhide the voice recording window  
Click on the A/V tab and use the controls to playback the recording associated with this booking

The Phone Call History window
As well as being able to playback voice recordings from the Booking, Despatch and Allocated screens, the Phone Call History window can also be used to search for and play back voice recording files.  The interface provides an incredibly versatile filter for pinpointing these files, for example, you can filter the voice recording files on the type of call, the operator, by date, by caller ID and many more.

Searching for voice recordings
The Phone Call History window allows you to filter the conversations on many different parameters.  The filters can either be used independently of each other or in conjunction with each other.  For example, you can search for all “abuse” calls or all calls taken by a certain operator, or you could combine the two filters and search for all abuse calls taken by a particular operator.

Filtering on call type
The call type is the reason that was given by the operator if an incoming call didn’t result in a booking, for example, “where’s my taxi?” calls.  You can filter the conversations on all the call types…

Filtering on Caller ID
You can use the callers’ number to filter the conversations…

Place a tick in any of the conversation type check boxes, e.g. Where’s my taxi? to filter the conversations accordingly
You can place ticks in as many of the conversation type check boxes as you want
Enter the caller’s telephone number here to filter the conversations to show just conversations made from that number

Filtering on username
You can filter the conversations by username (operator), for example, if you want to see all conversations taken by Fred, just click on the drop-down arrow next to the username field and choose “Fred” from the list of users…

Filter on a single date
You can list all conversations taken on a particular date…
Click on the drop-down arrow next to the username field and choose a name from the list
Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Single date field and use the calendar to select a date  

Filter on a range of dates
You can enter a date range to list conversations recorded between the two dates…


Filter on ring time exceeded
You can also list the conversations by the number of seconds the calls were ringing for before they were answered…
Enter a from and to date in the Date Range fields
Place a tick in the Filter by ringtime exceeding check box and then  enter or choose the number of seconds in the field below

Filter on hold time exceeded
As with the ring time, you can also filter on the length of time people were kept on hold for…

Playing back a conversation recording
Once you’ve located the conversation, you can play it back and listen to what was said…

Place a tick in the Filter on hold time exceeded check box and then enter or choose the number of seconds in the field below
Click o the green play button ( ) to play the recording
Whilst the conversation is played back, a red marker can be seen moving across the screen  
Stop and Rewind buttons

Changing the call type
Telephone conversations that haven’t resulted in a booking can have the “call type” changed after the call has ended.

Disallow change of call type
You can restrict certain users from being able to change the call type in Password Maintenance by changing the Allow phone call admin permission.  This grants the user permission to change the call type in Phone Call Statistics.   

1. Click on the Configuration menu and choose Password Maintenance

2. Click on the General tab and tick or un-tick the Allow phone call admin check box

Right-mouse click on the Call Type for this conversation and choose another call type from the list.  Please note, this can only be done on telephone conversations that didn’t result in a booking

Missed calls
The Missed calls tab shows all the missed incoming calls (i.e. calls not answered) and how long they rang for…