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What are Fixed Prices/Distances? Fixed prices are set prices for jobs that go f... more
Zone Polygons (GPSPlus) – for use with Datax III Data-heads Our unique Zone Pol... more
Voice Recording
Voice Recording Voice Recording is finally here! Several of our customers have ... more
User permissions & preferences
User permissions & preferences User permissions control who can log into the sy... more
Telephone calls not resulting in bookings & phone call statistics Why did an in... more
Statement Layout
Statement Layouts The Statement Layouts option on the Configuration menu allow... more
Server Maintenance
Navigator Server Navigator Server is a separate program to Navigator and runs o... more
Rates We know that private hire companies can work in very different ways. Some... more
Pricing Jobs
Pricing Jobs It is important to note that before any invoices can be produced, ... more
Places, Plots, Zones & Areas
Places, Plots, Zones & Areas Places and streets are single entries in the stree... more
Offline Plot Set-Up Session (OPSS)
Offline Plot Set-up Session (OPSS) In the past the only way of making changes ... more
Journey Times Navigator uses journey times or “travel Times” to calculate the l... more
Invoicing Once a job has been priced, an invoice can be raised. Invoices can be... more
Automatic House- Keeping
Automatic House-keeping We’ve just mentioned that there a few background proces... more
Adjacent Plots For some time we have been aware that improvements were needed t... more
Accounts The Accounts menu is where you come to set-up and maintain your cust... more