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Datax-5.3G First Use with Android Driver App

If you have purchased or are renting your Datax-5.3G, the device will have been configured and set up by us for operation with your Navigator 2 despatch system.
Each Datax-5.3G will have been configured with the Android Driver App that will have been tested for use on your system and the MapFactor navigation App will have been installed too.
You may use either a Diplomat supplied Roaming M2M SIM or any suitable SIM from one of the proprietary mobile service providers.
First Use
1. Ensure the DataPhone battery has sufficient charge.
2. Install a valid “Micro” sized SIM with a credit balance. The SIM slot is on the side of the device.
3. Turn the Datax on from the power button at the top left hand edge of the unit.

4. Select the Kuber App from the home screen.
Follow the instructions: -
Depending upon the version of Navigator that you are currently running as your despatch system, you may need to “Allow” each new mobile device by going to PDA Assets from the Drivers & Vehicles tab in Navigator 2.

1. When you first logon on to Kuber-9 it will search for your configuration file that contains the settings necessary for it to connect to your Navigator system.1. When you first logon on to Kuber-9 it will search for your configuration file that contains the settings necessary for it to connect to your Navigator system.

2. The name of your configuration file will be displayed as circled.
Tap the name to select this file.

3. You may select ‘Start System’ to log on to the system.

4. If this message appears you should select “Exit”and contact the system administrator who will register your device on Navigator 2

5. Navigator 2 should automatically accept a new registration and you will be required to use login the system administrator will provide.

6. Enter the ‘Driver ID’ and ‘Vehicle ID’ using the ‘Next’ button to move to the next field.

7. Tap ‘Login’.
You will not normally be required to enter Details for PIN and Odometer.

8. This screen is confirmation of your Login details.
Select ‘Clear’.

9. This is the default Status screen.

10. You may need to select the zone you are in.
Swipe the screen to the left until you reach the Select Zone screen.

Navigator Registration
Referring to step 4, above: Before you can use the Kuber-9 Driver App, your mobile device must be registered with the Diplomat Navigator system in PDA Assets. This should be undertaken by the system administrator or call centre manager who will issue a Vehicle ID and Driver ID that must be entered at the LOGIN screen.
The following 2 steps provide the necessary instruction and assumes that the respective Vehicle and Driver records have previously been created.

1. From the Drivers & Vehicles drop down menu select PDA Assets.

2. Scroll down the list of Mobile Assets until you find the device highlighted in red that you wish to authorise. Click on it and check the ‘Allowed’ box and add the ‘Owner Name’ and any other relevant details.

Notes: For future updates, you will need to have a Google Gmail account credentials to hand for downloading MapFactor from the Google Play Store.
Register each device as necessary with Diplomat Navigator in Drivers and Vehicles – PDA Assets.

The Kuber-9 Driver App by Diplomat is designed to provide a mobile interface between despatch control and the vehicle driver. It will install and operate on mobile devices running Android 4.2 or higher.
The primary function of Kuber-9 is to provide the driver with an interface to despatch control and to receive and accept jobs, and supports the following features: -

  • Logging on & off including breaks
  • Zone selection
  • Job bidding
  • Job acceptance and status updates such as POB and STC
  • Payment collection details
  • Messaging
  • SOS Panic alert
  • Turn by turn navigation when interfaced with a suitable App
  • Screen orientation in either portrait or landscape

Optional features: -

  • Card Payment module
  • Taxi style meter

Operation & Charges
The cost of operation in respect of mobile data charges will be borne by the owner of the mobile device, or whoever pays for the airtime contract; the typical monthly data usage will be in the region of 15Mb which is negligible in relation to a typical mobile data bundle of say 1Gb per month.
The Kuber-9 Driver App will interface with MapFactor to provide turn by turn navigation from the driver’s current position to the pickup and, from the pick up to the destination.
The problem with most mobile phone vehicle mounts is that they rely upon a clamp or clip arrangement to secure the device in its holder.
There is a range of magnetic mounts marketed by Merkury and WizGear that overcome such problems which are available from various retail and online stores including Halfords and Amazon.