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Teamviewer for Customers


This addresses two issues to do with Team Viewer. Customers who don't have and those who are now failing to connect.

For customers that don't have Team Viewer (TV) can download it from our website http://www.diplomat.co.uk/ by going to

:Support-> Customer Support Module->Download Customer support module

:They can then save or run the installation file in order to have it installed to their computers

:They should select cormecial when prompted to choose which type of Team Viewer they want to use

:When naming the computer they should use a discriptive name that we can use to group their computers or filtering purposes.

Secondly. Customers who have always had TV and it was working fine but has stopped working.

:The Team Viewer version that we use with ALL our customers is version 11 (and Team Viewer has released version 12). In the event that customers upgrade to the newer version they do not become visible and we advise that they revert to version 11.

:If a customer doesnot know how to downgrade from ver12 back to ver11, they could simply uninstall the ver12 and download ver11 from our website.